Benefits of participation in the Survey

  • Participating in the Benchmarking Survey is FREE of charge to Disability Service Providers across Australia.
  • AbleInsight provides participating Providers hands on assistance throughout the Benchmarking Survey process.
  • Providers are issued a Benchmarking Report which includes comparative analysis of their organisation's financials against other similar Disability Service Providers.
  • A sector-wide summary report is publicly released after each Survey Collection. The public report only includes de-identified data so Provider participation in the Survey remains anonymous.

Learn more of what the Survey involves

We have summarised all the information about the Collection 2 Benchmarking Survey in a fact sheet. You can download the fact sheet here.

We conducted a webinar that covered important information about the National Service Provider Benchmarking Survey on the 13th October 2017.   Our panellists included representatives from AbleInsight, Mental Health Australia (MHA) and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).  You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

The Collection 2 Benchmarking Survey is underway and is focused on analysis of 2016-17 financial year data.  To help you decide if you would like to register to participate in Collection 2 please see the Collection 1 Survey Tool (which provides an indication of the type of data that Collection 2 seeks to collect) and the User Guide (which is a document aimed at supporting providers in completing the Survey Tool in addition to onsite and remote support provided by the AbleInsight team). 

Review of both of these tools will give you a clear idea of the data requirements. 

In addition, please review examples of the Provider Report and Public Summary Report which provide an indication of what you can expect to personally receive (your own Provider Report) and what data will be published publicly (i.e. Public Summary Report).

Please note to participate in Collection 2 providers must agree to the Data Usage Terms.  These can be read here