Sector Summary Report – Benchmarking Survey Collection 1

This report is independently produced by AbleInsight and is the first public report from the newly established Disability Service Providers’ Benchmarking Function, which is enabled by the administration of an annual Benchmarking Survey.  

This first Summary Report has been prepared using data from the Collection 1 Survey, conducted from October to December 2017, in respect of data relating to services provided in the financial year ended 30th June 2016.  Collection 1 brings together the contributions of 48 Disability Services Providers and establishes a baseline result that can be used as a comparator in future years.

Illustrative Provider Benchmark Report

The Illustrative Provider Benchmark Report showcases the nature of benchmarked data that Providers will receive by participating in the Collection 2 Survey. This document is for demonstration purposes only and does not portray data from any specific disability service organisation.


Are disability support providers facing cashflow and debt challenges due to NDIS rollout?



Benchmarking Survey Launch

We conducted a webinar that covered important information about the National Service Provider Benchmarking Survey on the 13th October 2017.  Our panellists included representatives from AbleInsight, Mental Health Australia (MHA) and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).