The AbleInsight Team

AbleInsight’s team brings the technical expertise required to manage and support the Survey together with extensive disability sector knowledge and understanding.

The AbleInsight team is being led by Joe Scuteri, who is the Project Director, and has endpoint responsibility for the production of all deliverables to the quality standard required by AbleInsight.  Lisa Fodero is the day-to-day Project Manager who will coordinate the work of the AbleInsight team. 

To ensure that there is sufficient capacity to provide training and support to the participating providers, we are using four Fieldwork Management Teams (FMTs).  Each FMT is allocated two team members.  This approach will ensure that there is always back-up available for the provider management, training and support processes.  All providers and key stakeholders in a given State/Territory will be assigned to the same FMT to ensure they all have a single point of contact.  All communications between the project team and providers/Peak Organisations staff will be via the allocated FMT, so that providers can be assured of a single point of contact. 

An objective of our approach is to build capacity in service planning and financial management related work of the providers.  To achieve this, we are adopting a close monitoring approach to provide the support needed by the providers.

More information

Please contact AbleInsight

FMT Lead Andrew Pearce Ron Tiffen Cathy Hoadley Mark Diamond
P:(03) 9081 1645 P:(03) 9081 1645 P:(02) 9264 6050 P:(03) 9081 1645
State/Territories Victoria Tasmania New South Wales South Australia
Australian Capital Territory Northern Territory Queensland Western Australia

If you have any technical issues with the Excel Survey Tool, contact Darren Doromal at AbleInsight on or 1800 959 665

If you have broader questions about Collection 1, contact Lisa Fodero, Director, AbleInsight on or 02 9264 6050.