The plan is for the benchmarking function to involve annual surveys of disability service providers and produce information reports.  The intent is to support providers to track their performance over time and to provide aggregate level de-identified information to the Agency so it can monitor the development of the market.  As the longitudinal data set grows, the value of benchmarking function will build.

In future, the Survey is likely to cover services delivered in all NDIS support categories.  However a phased approach is being implemented, with each year building on the learnings from the previous year.  In the first year, the focus is on the three NDIS support categories on which the majority of Scheme funding is spent covering:

  • assistance with daily living
  • assistance with social and community participation
  • supported independent living

While this is the initial focus, the Survey Manager will endeavour to manage the complexities of collecting financial and other metrics for providers delivering NDIS services in other support categories. In time, the intention is to broaden data collection in order to link financial and other inputs with participant outcomes where possible.